The most popular Real Madrid bets for 2016

2015/16 has been a dramatic season in European and Spanish football. A lot of surprises, a lot of interesting matches and a lot of great goals. As we all know the season didn’t start terribly well for Real Madrid. After not winning a single trophy in 2014/15 Ancelotti was sacked and Rafa Benitez was hired. Some people were sceptical from the very beginning. It is difficult to predict how well a manager may or may not be. Choosing a manager is a bit of a gamble. Fans and players often have a say in whether a manager is good and wanted or not, just like when it comes to online gaming apps. A vast majority of casino fans are favouring NetEnt apps over others. You could also visit, where you’ll find a range of high-quality casino games.

Fiasco under Rafa

Fans of Real Madrid are always hoping for a successful season, regardless of who the manager is. A successful season for Real is winning at least one major title, i.e. either La Liga or Champions League. Of course, being better than Barcelona is an absolute priority. This was clearly not going to happen with Rafa in charge and there are several reasons why the team lacked success under his leadership. After the terrible defeat in El Classico, at Bernabeu it was just a matter of time when Florentino Pérez would give him the boot. And so he did and things started to seem slightly better under Zizou. The team scored 5 or more goals in 3 of their 4 matches with Zidane on the bench, but many felt that it is too late for anything to change in La Liga.













Real are still in the game

In April, as you probably know, Los Blancos managed to defeat their fierce rivals at their home ground and thus lower the gap. Barcelona suffered a minor crisis and now Real are just one point behind Barcelona and their city rivals Atletico. Furthermore, they reached the semi-final of the Champions League and they are serious contenders for an 11th glorious victory in the most prestigious club competition. Seeing how well they play many are willing to bet that Real can win at least one of the competitions, if not both of them. In fact, you can get very fine odds of 15.00 if you bet that The Whites are going to win both the domestic league and the European Champions League.











They have a fair chance of winning the Champions League

If you like to bet on both competitions individually, the odds for La Liga may vary, but you can get odds as high as 5.50 for Real Madrid to come on top. Whereas the odds for the Champions League are quite lower, set at less than 3.00. The odds that Real Madrid will manage to qualify for the Final are only about 1.35. Obviously Real Madrid are the favourite when for winning the Champions League and this is the most popular bet. If you browse through online betting sites you may get odds at 3.00, which is pretty fair, considering the current form of the team.


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Real Madrid 2-0 Borussia Dortmund

Last night, Real Madrid gave all their best to beat Borussia Dortmund with 3-0 but sadly, they were short for only one goal, even they had lots of chances.

In the first 20 minutes, the Galacticos took control over the ball, and created several goal chances, but they didn’t use them. Borussia threatened Madrid’s goal mostly by counter-attacks. In the last 10 minutes, the Galacticos started to play harder than ever, and their persistance finally paid off. Karim Benzema and Sergio Ramos scored goals for Real Madrid, in “the late minutes” of the match. Sadly, the Galacticos weren’t able to crush Borussia’s dreams with a third goal. You can read online sportsbook reviews, to check out the upcoming matches, and also you can read about sports betting options on

After one of the hardest matches for Real Madrid, almost immediatly, the press started rumours about Cristiano Ronaldo and Jose Mourinho leaving Real Madrid. That’s not impossible but, let’s hope it isn’t going to happen.

Despite the loss, the Galacticos showed the World that they shouldn’t be forgotten this season, despite the losses in UCL and La Liga. The only thing Real Madrid will probably focus on is the Copa del Rey, which they will play against Atletico Madrid on the 18th of May.

As a possible replacement for Mourinho (if he leaves) the press are mentioning Jurgen Klopp and Jupp Heynckes. These 2 coaches would “make” a new Real Madrid which would again, be one of the best in the World.

Real Madrid vs Borussia Dortmund

Real Madrid is hoping for a “huge” victory over Borussia Dortmund tomorrow at Santiago Bernabeu, to secure their pass to the UCL Finals. Will the Galacticos be able to do that? We’ll find that out tomorrow.

In the first match, Borussia crashed Real Madrid with 4-1 on Signal-Iduna-Park. Most of the job to help Borussia win did Robert Lewandowski, the Polish international player. One thing we all know is that the match tomorrow will be very interesting, and exciting to watch, you can visit Carbon Sportsbook to predict the result.

Real Madrid will probably start the match with their best possible line-up; Di Maria, Ronaldo, Ozil and Higuain will be the 4 biggest threats for Borussia Dortmund’s goal. While they (BD) will probably play easy, and wait for their chances.

Many people already consider Borussia Dortmund the UCL finalist, but nothing is over till the last whistle on Bernabeu. One thing we all know for sure is that the Galacticos will give their best, to qualify for the finals, and play against Bayern or Barcelona.

It’s not the first time that Real Madrid found themselves in a difficult situation in the semi-finals. In the first match they would loose 3-0 or 4-1 (just like the situation here) and still managed to turn the result over in their favor. Is that really going to happen again tomorrow? I can’t claim that’s going to happen but, I can make you sure, that Mourinho is got something up his sleeves, that will “boost” Real Madrid, to take a 3-0 or even a bigger victory over the Germans.

CDL: Valencia vs Real Madrid

Real Madrid will be facing Valencia again, tomorrow at 21:30 on Mestalla. In the first leg, Los Blancos achieved their victory against Valencia (2-0). Five days later in a La Liga match, Ronaldo and the others crushed “The bats” with 5-0 for Real Madrid.

Jose Mourinho called all first team members, and a youngster – Mejias. This game is probably going to be more interesting then the last two, because Valencia has got nothing to loose this time. Real Madrid, is probably going to start the match with the best players, and try to score a goal as soon as possible. If that suceeds, Mourinho will probably “bring in” some other players, and “save” the first team members, for the upcoming matches.

However, this time Valencia will attack Real Madrid with all of their forces, because they’ve got nothing to loose, as I said before. The biggest threat for the Galacticos will be their ex player, Roberto Soldado, now the captain of  “The bats”. Jonas and A. Costa were also causing the most problems to Real M. in the last 2 matches. This makes the game more even more interesting for betting, because it’s really hard to predict, but you can try to do that on sports betting sites.

Real Madrid players completed their last training session before the match against Valencia today. It took place at Real Madrid Football City. They trained in 3 separate groups. In the first grup were the players who played against Valencia on Sunday, in the second one, there were Real Madrid’s goalkeepers, and in the third group, the rest of the players, who didn’t play in the last game.


Barcelona 3-2 Real Madrid

The Supercup shall be decided at the Santiago Bernabeu. Next Wednesday, the Madrid fans will witness how the first title of the season is decided after an entertaining first leg of the Supercup. Cristiano Ronaldo, who is the first Madrid player to score for the fourth game in a row at the Camp Nou, put the team ahead with a header in minute 55. One minute later, Pedro, who was offside, equalised. Messi, who scored from a penalty resulting from a foul committed by Ramos on Iniesta, and Xavi made the match difficult for Real Madrid, but this team never surrenders; it comes with putting on the Madrid shirt and is part of its philosophy and with five minutes remaining in the clash Casillas and Di María played an important part in the final result. A lesson on how to react on in one-on-one situations by the goalkeeper against Messi and then the Argentine’s persistence and the serious mistake by the Barcelona goalkeeper did the rest. ‘El Fideo’ picked Valdes’ pocket, who was attempting to beat the Argentine, leaving the first title of the season to be decided in Madrid.

Real Madrid demonstrated in the first half that it is able to adapt to all types of situations. Barcelona, the home team, dominated possession and the Whites, well aware of the fact that they likely have the best counterattack in the world, pressuring the home team’s passing and awaiting their opportunity. The first fifteen minutes of the match passed with no apparent danger, with both teams making their intentions known.

The first chance fell to Barcelona, although they had to wait 28 minutes; a through ball from Alves to Messi, two metres from the penalty spot, who shot wide from in front of goal. The Argentine could have put his team ahead again ten minutes later, but his solo effort ended in the same fashion as his previous shot, wide of the goal protected by Casillas.

Real Madrid demonstrated maturity and defensive solidity. Their display on the turf at the Camp Nou saw reward at the half-hour mark when a counterattack started by Cristiano Ronaldo, continued by Özil and then Callejón was almost completed by Benzema whose through ball was cleared by Mascherano for a corner when CR7 was waiting to finish the move. Two shots from the home side from the edge of the area, one of which was on target, the first in the game, brought the first half to an end. There had been few chances for both teams, two yellow cards for Real Madrid (Alonso and Arbeloa) and one for the home side (Mascherano).

Five goals in a crazy second half and several chances for both teams
The match did not take long to change entirely. Ten minutes was all Cristiano Ronaldo required to make the most of an Özil corner and put his team ahead with a header. The Portuguese player stole into the box to get ahead of Busquets and scored, ecstatic to be scoring once again at theCamp Nou. By scoring the goal, CR7 becomes the only player in the club’s history to score for the fourth game in a row against Barcelona.

The away side’s joy was short-lived. A long pass from Mascherano from the halfway line was met by Pedro, who beat Casillas with a shot across goal. The goal, which was scored from an offside position, equalised a clash that was starting to liven up due to the clear opportunities created by both sides. Mourinho, aware of the impact of the goal, wanted to give his team more speed and cutting edge up front. Higuaín replaced Benzema, exhausted from all his work, in minute 60. Four minutes later, the Argentine’s move arrived at the feet of Callejón, who shot wide from the edge of the area. The Real Madrid youth team player was replaced by Di María in minute 65’.

The match was wide open, entertaining, but the balance was tipped in Barcelona’s favour with the penalty awarded to Barcelona for the foul committed by Ramos on Iniesta in minute 69. Messi took the penalty and put his team ahead, and eight minutes later they scored the third in a move started by Iniesta and finished Xavi, beating Casillas in a one-on-one.

It appeared that the match was drawing to a close, but this Real Madrid team never surrenders; it comes with putting on the Madrid shirt and is part of its philosophy and with five minutes remaining in the clash Casillas and Di María played an important part in the final result. An unbelievable stop by the Real Madrid captain in a one-on-one with Messi and Adriano beat Di María in the counterattack, passed the ball to Valdés in the home side’s goal and in an attempt to dribble past the Argentine, lost the ball to Di María, who slotted the ball into the goal calmly to silence the Camp Nou. 3-2 was the final result and leaves the title to be decided at the Santiago Bernabeu. Next Wednesday, the Madrid fans will witness how the first title of the season is decided. (source: – Alberto Navarro)

55′ [0 – 1] C. Ronaldo
56′ [1 – 1] P. Rodriguez
70′ [2 – 1] L. Messi (pen.)
77′ [3 – 1] X. Hernandez
85′ [3 – 2] A.D. Maria

Clash against Real Oviedo

Vacation time for Real Madrid is about to end tonight. At 19:45 the season will begin in Oviedo, where Real Madrid will play against the local club. Although many first team players are still on vacation, Mourinho has called up youngsters from the youth sections. He invited the following players:

Adan, Jesus and Pacheco
Varane, Fabinho, Nacho, Mateos, Casado, Rios e Ivan
Granero, Lass, Mosquera, Alex, Juanfran, Denis, Lucas, Callejon, Alvaro Lopez and Di Maria
Higuain and Morata

After this friendly match they will go to the United States where they will play a tournament against LA Galaxy and AC Milan.

There haven’t been any transfers in so far this summer, but it is expected that Tottenham’s midfielder Luka Modric is on the verge of signing. Also, they have shown interest in Lucas Moura, the Brazilian wunderkind.

Villas-Boas thinks Real Madrid wants to sign Modric

As The Guardian reported yesterday, Villas-Boas, the Portuguese coach, who is negotiating a move to Tottenham bench, has known that the Spurs could sell Luka Modric to Real Madrid. As noted by English newspaper, the coach, who is also upset because president Daniel Levy is “talking with other ten coaches”, would have said “no” to the transfer of the Croatian footballer, 26 years old, as a condition for his signing. Meanwhile, Levy, who needs incomes because his team did not classify for the Champions League, would prefer sell the player to Real Madrid (both clubs have a good relationship after the transfer of Van der Vaart). The other options are Chelsea and Man. United.

Real Madrid has in mind the option of Modric, star of the Premiership since joining Tottenham in 2008 from Dinamo Zagreb for 20 million euros, if Silva transfer operation fails. But the Spanish midfielder remains as the major target of the white team. David Silva would be the star signing of the summer. Besides Tottenham would sell Modric for about 40 million euros. The same price Real Madrid is willing to pay to sign Silva.

Modric tried to leave Tottenham last summer. Then, Chelsea (coached by Villas-Boas) submitted a bid of 27 million euros and the answer was “no”. His contract ends in 2016 (signed the renewal in 2010) and is fully affected by the salary policy that Tottenham will impose shortly (top earnings: 4.2 million euros a year). He has played well against Spain and Italy at Euro 2012 and before that and knowing the news about the possible transfer to Real Madrid he said: “Real Madrid is the best club in the world”.

Jose Mourinho has said several times that Modric is a great player. The Portuguese coach commented during Euro 2012 that the player can play as a playmaker and as a midfielder (could play alongside Xabi Alonso). Luka is an elite player in European football, with quality and goal skills who is not 27 years old yet.

The commitment of the player is to leave Tottenham, where he thinks he has already completed a cycle after four seasons. Luka wants to change and enjoy other challenges. His salary will not be low. The Croatian manages more offers, so he would not sign for less than 5 million euros per year.

Maicon would reduce his salary to sign for Real Madrid

On June 13, last Wednesday, was the first rapprochement between Maicon and Real Madrid. Ernesto Bronzetti who is mediating in the transfer operation, called by phone to Maicon’s agents to stop any negotiations with other clubs (because the player has decided to leave Inter Milan and there are several options on the table) until Real Madrid was asked about its interest to sign the Brazilian player. The next step was a meeting in Porto Alegre. There, Maicon and his representatives set the base to develop at negotiating strategy.

At the meeting, the player, who earns 5 million euros net at Inter Milan (the player has a year of contract remaining), agreed to charge a little less to move to Real Madrid and sign a two years contract with one more depending on the number of matches he is going to play in the second season, or lower his salary drastically, to 3 million euros net and sign for four years. On the other hand, the agents believe Inter would sell Maicon for about 8 million euros. Moratti, the president of the Italian team, would save 10 million of the salary and would take 8 (total; 18 million euros) A good operation for Inter because is rumored that the team is struggling to meet the financial fair play that UEFA imposes.

Therefore, Maicon has been offered to Real Madrid, which still thinks about him as a possibility. But it’s been two years since white team tried to sign him for 35 million euros and although there is no a better right-back in the market, Real Madrid staff thinks that there is an option in the youth squad: Carvajal.

Juventus cancels friendly against Real Madrid in Las Vegas

According to The Washington Post, Juventus announced the cancellation of its North American tour, so the friendly match Real Madrid was going to play against the Italian squad on August 5 has been cancelled. This friendly was as part of the ‘World Football Challenge’, a competition that aims to promote football in the U.S.A.. Real Madrid won the tournament last year.

Despite the cancellation, it is expected that the tournament organizer is able to find another rival for Real Madrid in order to play a friendly match on the same date and in the same place (Las Vegas). The other Italian club matches on North American soil were a friendly against DC United in Washington and other match against Paris Saint-Germain in Montreal.

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