Kroos says he had been called a Nazi on social media for Ozil criticism

Real Madrid’s midfielder Toni Kroos claims that he was branded a Nazi by some on social media after he criticised how Mesut Ozil announced his retirement from the German national team.

Ozil announced after the 2018 World Cup that he would not be available for international duty, claiming that he was the victim of racism due to his Turkish ancestry. Kroos said that Ozil deserved a “better departure” but felt that the way during which he retired was “not in order”. Kroos says many jumped to calling him a Nazi due to his looks.

He said in an Instagram Live chat with Germany president Frank-Walter Steinmeier: “After the 2018 World Cup I said that I didn’t just like the retirement of Mesut Ozil and therefore the manner during which he did it.

“And then i used to be directly a Nazi for tons of people: blond, blue eyes … everything fit tons of individuals . I managed to beat it, anyone can hide behind a fake profile then insult people empty to prevent them. Kroos insisted that Ozil was wrong to accuse the DFB and therefore the Germany team of harbouring racist attitudes. Basically Mesut may be a deserved international and as a player he deserved a far better departure. But the way he resigned wasn’t so as . The parts in his statement that are rightly addressed are unfortunately overshadowed by the significantly higher amount of nonsense.”

“I think he knows alright that racism within the national team and therefore the DFB doesn’t exist.”

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