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    Two-seat die-cutting machine can complete the punching mechanism in one time
    From:Zhoushan Putuo Light Industry Machinery Factory  Date:2018/7/18 14:54:39  Onclick:195

    Two-seat die-cutting machine completes the punching mechanism in one time

        Two-seat die-cutting machine product details:

        Two-seat die-cutting machine technology

        The utility model relates to a sleeve cutting and punching machine positioning mechanism, in particular to an electronic die cutting product partially used for secondary positioning sleeve punching. Can greatly improve the accuracy and efficiency of the product.

        Two-seat die-cutting machine background technology

        Existing secondary sleeve die-cut products usually require the completion of this product on two die-cutting machines. The first die-cutting and punching positioning holes were performed on the first die-cutting machine. A color-coded sensor is mounted on the second die-cutting machine to locate the hole that tracks the first punch to complete the product.

        1. A two-seat die-cutting punching machine set mechanism for setting on an ordinary two-seat die-cutting machine, wherein the two-seat die-cutting machine is provided with a first die-cutting seat and a second die-cutting seat, which are characterized in that The positioning mechanism includes a punching device mounted on the first die-cutting seat, the punching device is mechanically driven or pneumatically driven, and the color-coded sensor mounted on the second die-cutting seat is used. Track the hole position that was first played.

        2. This method can also be applied to products with multiple bonding and multiple die cutting. This method can be completed in one time.

        Utility model content

        The utility model aims to overcome the defects of the existing double-seat die-cutting machine positioning technology, and to provide a double-seat die-cutting punching machine set mechanism with high production efficiency and stable product quality, and realize the true dual-mode function of the two-seat machine. .

        The utility model discloses a sleeve punching mechanism and a principle of a two-seat die-cutting punching machine. This institution is mainly to follow the principle of the model. Specifically, the pneumatic punching device 2 is installed after the first die-cutting seat 1, and the color-coded sensor is installed after the second die-cutting seat 3. This mechanism is suitable for partial electronic die-cutting products in the secondary stamping position. It can be completed in one time on the two-seat machine, the precision is higher than the traditional one, the waste of materials is less, the production efficiency is greatly improved, and the cost is saved.

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