Odds on Real Madrid to win La Liga

As with every season there are 2 main runners for the La Liga this year, those being Real Madrid and Barcelona. There have only been 5 seasons in the past 30 where somebody else has won the title, those teams being Athletic Bilbao, Atletico Madrid, Deportivo La Conruna and Valencia twice. The only team that looks like it could challenge the titans this year are Atletico Madrid, currently second on 18 points, coming in with odds at 20/1 whilst Real Madrid stand at 6/4 and Barcelona come in with short odds of 4/7.

Although Barcelona have been dominant in recent years and the arrival of Neymar, who is possibly the hottest prospect in football right now and the prospect of a dream partnership with players such as Messi and Iniesta many would bet against Madrid. But personally Real Madrid are in with a very good chance, as they demonstrated in pre-season brushing aside teams like Chelsea, LA Galaxy, Everton, with such ease and proving to be such a dominant force throughout the past few seasons reaching three Champions League semi-finals, 2 cup finals, and winning the 2012 La Liga title. They will also be looking for revenge on their arch rivals after gifting FC Barcelona the title last season, Real Madrid will be out to prove a point this year by winning they’re thirty third La Liga title.

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