Mou, on Pep: “It is not normal to sell an image of perfection”






José Mourinho granted an interview to the newspaper ABC and revised the period of Real Madrid. The Portuguese trainer stressed that ” no trainer had managed to gain a championship garter belt in three big Leagues. It was a target that it had. I have two years of contract with Real Madrid, my family and I are glad to have a stability “.

The technician luso also had words towards Pep Guardiola and said that ” it is not normal to sell an image of perfection and later, in the end, none is perfect. I never sold an image of perfect. On the game of the Barcelona and of Real Madrid, Mourinho made sure that ” I love myself the nice game of my team. I do not like the wear of the adversary for the possession of the ball “.

On having been asked about the future of Higuaín, the trainer of Real Madrid it realized well: ” It is going to continue. And it is going to continue because I do not want to open hand and Real Madrid does not want either.”

In other one of the plots at which it is employed the white set is in the portería. Mourinho confirmed that Adán is not going to continue because he wants minutes, from what Madrid will have to look for competition for Iker Casillas. ” Doorman looks for Real Madrid because Adán does not want to continue. My work is to convince him so that it remains. We must give him more parties, promise him the Glass “.

His analysis of the next Ball of Gold
On the future Ball of Gold, José Mourinho stressed that “: who gained the most important League of the world? I christen. Who gained the Champions? None. Who deserves the Golden ball? I christen “.

On his personal situation in Real Madrid, the Portuguese trainer said: ” I am a 49-year-old young man. The players feel my force, my character and my ambition. I am a person who fights for the freedoms.”


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