Zaragoza 0-6 Real Madrid









Real Madrid stated the season on a fantastic way, crushing Zaragoza with 0-6. The Whites wanted to show Barcelona on the beginning that they can deal with them, so Galacticos played a spectacular match and prooved Barca that they are bigger than ever.


Real Madrid played offensive from the first minute of the match, so the porteguese scored his first of 3 goals in the 24th minute. Zaragoza 0-1 Real Madrid

Marcelo Vieira scored the second goal in the 28th minute of the match. Zaragoza 0-2 Real Madrid

After these goal Zaragoza’s players were crushed, but they managed to keep they’re net intact.


And in the second half Real Madrid literally crushed Zaragoza. In the 64th minute Xabi Alonso scored for 0-3. Zaragoza 0-3 Real Madrid

After that Ronaldo scores again, for 4-0 in the 71th minute of the match. Zaragoza 0-4 Real Madrid

Then Kaka scored his first goal for Real Madrid this season in the 82nd minute of the match for 0-5. Zaragoza 0-5 Real Madrid

And finally Cristiano scored his third goal (hattrick) in the 87th minute for 0-6. Zaragoza 0-6 Real Madrid

Zaragoza 0 – 6 Real Madrid
24′ [0 – 1] C. Ronaldo
28′ [0 – 2] Marcelo
64′ [0 – 3] X. Alonso
71′ [0 – 4] C. Ronaldo
82′ [0 – 5] Kaka
87′ [0 – 6] C. Ronaldo


You can see the goals on the page videos.


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